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ADC AD-758V 35kg Dryer


ADC AD-758V 35kg Dryer
200mm Vent Size

Height: 2,200mm Width: 1,829mmDepth: 1,264mm
Eligible for One Care - All inclusive service solution
This machine is ideal for:
Public Sector
Vended Laundry

A design grounded in the fundamentals of engineering and meticulously crafted for enduring strength and longevity.

  • 21.50 cu. ft. basket volume
  • 175,000 Btu/hr heat input, 1000 cfm airflow
  • Radial airflow
  • Steel door with gasketless glass
  • 8” diameter vent connection
  • Easy to clean lint compartment
  • Fits through a standard 30” door

Additional Information

ADC AD-758V 35kg Dryer: Redefining Laundry Efficiency on a Grand Scale

Introducing the ADC AD-758V 35kg Dryer, a truly stand-out product among commercial tumble dryers, meticulously designed to revolutionise your laundry operations and deliver unmatched efficiency on a grand scale.

  1. Unmatched Capacity: The ADC AD-758V Dryer is engineered to handle massive laundry loads with precision and speed. With an impressive 35kg capacity, it effortlessly manages even the most demanding laundry tasks, ensuring you conquer the largest workloads with ease.
  2. Proven Dependability: Trust is paramount when investing in commercial laundry equipment, and the ADC AD-758V Dryer lives up to that promise. Built to withstand the rigours of industrial laundry environments, it minimises downtime, reduces maintenance costs, and maximises the efficiency of your laundry operations.
  3. Advanced Drying Technology: This dryer features cutting-edge drying technology that sets it apart. Its intuitive controls and customizable drying programs provide you with the flexibility and convenience needed to cater to various laundry needs, from delicate fabrics to heavy-duty workwear.
  4. Energy-Efficient Excellence: In today’s eco-conscious world, energy efficiency is a top priority. The ADC AD-758V Dryer is designed with sustainability in mind, boasting impressive energy-saving features. By choosing this dryer, you not only enhance operational efficiency but also reduce your carbon footprint, contributing to a greener planet.
  5. Tailored Solutions: At Wolf Laundry, we understand that every business is unique. That’s why we offer customised solutions to match your specific requirements. Whether you operate a hotel, healthcare facility, or laundromat, the ADC AD-758V 35kg Dryer can be configured to meet your exact needs.
  6. Exceptional Support: When you choose Wolf Laundry, you’re not just acquiring equipment; you’re gaining a committed partner. Our team of expert technicians is dedicated to providing ongoing support and maintenance, ensuring your ADC AD-758V Dryer remains a reliable workhorse in your laundry facility.
  7. Invest in Excellence: The ADC AD-758V 35kg Dryer isn’t just a machine; it’s an investment in the success of your laundry business. Join countless satisfied customers who have transformed their laundry operations with this exceptional dryer.

Ready to experience the future of laundry efficiency and performance? Contact Wolf Laundry today and let the ADC AD-758V 35kg Dryer redefine your laundry experience.



  • Stainless steel front, cabinet & basket
  • Reversing basket
  • Available in gas, steam and electric heat

Safety Systems

  • S.A.F.E. (Sensor Activated Fire Extinguishing System) - Optional

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