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Sheltered Housing

At Wolf Laundry, we understand the unique challenges faced by social housing providers in managing laundry facilities for sheltered schemes, independent living communities, extra care schemes, and more. Our expertise lies in delivering tailored solutions that not only enhance tenant satisfaction but also help landlords remain competitive while providing top-notch services.

Swift and Reliable Solutions for Remote Management

In sheltered schemes and independent living communities, remote management can sometimes lead to delayed issue communication. Machine downtime can cause frustration among tenants and result in complaints. We recognise the importance of quick response times and reliable service. 

Our range of Schulthess machines, tested for up to 18,000 hours, is ideal for such settings. They are not only easy to use but also boast quick cycles and a long life expectancy, minimising disruptions and ensuring tenants have access to clean laundry whenever they need it.

Ideal Solutions for Various Property Types

Our laundry solutions are tailored to a variety of property types:

  • Sheltered Housing/Independent Living Schemes: Our commercial washing machines and tumble dryers are perfectly suited for these environments, ensuring hassle-free laundry access for tenants.
  • Extra Care Schemes: We provide laundry solutions that meet the specific needs of extra care facilities, where laundry services are crucial.
  • Domestic-Sized Commercial Machines: We offer smaller, commercial machines that are ideal for HMOs or smaller shared or supported properties.
  • Quick Cycles: To prevent congestion in the laundry area.
  • Easy-to-Use Machines: With engineer training and “how-to-use” posters for tenant convenience.
  • Utility Usage Tracking: Through ServiceMaster, helping landlords cover costs in tenants’ service charges.

Comprehensive Packages

No matter what the circumstances we have a package to suit you.

  • OneCare: Our gold-standard, all-inclusive package includes brand new laundry equipment, installation and ongoing maintenance with no parts, labour or call out charges for one fixed monthly payment.
  • AdvancedCare: A comprehensive service and breakdown cover package. AdvancedCare customers benefit from guaranteed response time with no call out or labour charges. Keep your laundry up and running with AdvancedCare!
  • VitalCare: Ensure your equipment is compliant with all the relevant legislation. Our VitalCare package offers gas safety checks and actual duct cleaning with full certification provided.

Streamlined Remote Management

With properties being remotely managed, our selfServe customer portal offers stakeholders real-time visibility on callouts, live repairs, and resulting job sheets/engineer notes. Landlords gain a holistic view of all laundry repairs, planned preventative maintenance, and a detailed history for each machine.

Efficient Error Resolution

ServiceMaster enables real-time error code monitoring, allowing us to book a call or resolve issues over the phone without unnecessary interventions. This results in quicker problem resolution and cost savings for landlords.

Public Sector Frameworks

We are proud to be on two public sector frameworks, including being ranked 1st on Procurement for Housing (PFH). This allows local authorities, not-for-profit housing associations, and third-sector organisations to directly award laundry equipment contracts to Wolf Laundry. 

All our machines comply with the Water Supply (Water Fittings) Regulations 1999 and Health & Safety guidance, ensuring they meet water board requirements. Additionally, Wolf can offer a full M&E design for new build schemes, collaborating with contractors to achieve the optimal laundry layout, including electrical, water, drainage and ducting.

Recommended Machines for Public Sector

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