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Further Education

At Wolf, we understand the unique laundry needs of further education institutions. Whether it’s high volumes of towels used in hair and beauty courses or kits and equipment used in sports courses, we have the expertise to provide efficient and tailored solutions to meet your specific requirements.

Tackling High-Volume Challenges

We recognise that further education institutions often deal with significant volumes of laundry, especially in programs like hair and beauty or sports courses. Managing this volume efficiently is key to ensuring smooth operations on campus.

Efficiency is the Key

Efficiency is at the core of what we do. Our ProLine washing machines use 10% less water, while our ADCi series tumble dryers can reduce energy consumption by up to 25% and dry items faster. These energy-saving features not only contribute to a greener campus but also help lower operating costs.

Streamlined Processes

We understand that time is of the essence in a further education setting. Our machines are designed for quick cycles, ensuring that laundry gets done efficiently without unnecessary downtime. With our OneCare package, you can further reduce downtime and ensure a consistent laundry operation throughout the academic year.

Compliance and Safety

All of our laundry machines adhere to the Water Supply (Water Fittings) Regulations 1999 and meet Health & Safety guidelines. This commitment to compliance ensures that our machines align with water board requirements, offering peace of mind for your institution.

Optimising Your Laundry Area

Our team can assess your dedicated laundry area and suggest process improvements, optimizing the flow of laundry and machine placement. We understand the importance of a well-organized laundry space in a further education setting.

Predictable Costs and Comprehensive Solutions

With our all-inclusive OneCare package, we ensure that your laundry costs remain predictable for the entire academic year, simplifying budget planning. Additionally, we offer a range of laundry solutions, from detergents to ozone systems and ironers, to meet all your laundry needs.

Whether you’re dealing with high volumes of towels, managing time and staff, or facing downtime challenges due to laundry volume, Wolf Laundry is your trusted partner in delivering tailored laundry solutions for further education. 

Discover how Wolf Laundry can transform your institution’s laundry operation. Contact us today to learn more about our efficient machines, compliance with safety regulations, and comprehensive laundry solutions. With Wolf Laundry, you can optimise your laundry processes, reduce costs, and ensure a seamless laundry experience for your further education institution.

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