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In the health club and spa sector, where cleanliness and efficiency are paramount, Wolf Laundry is your trusted partner in addressing the unique laundry challenges you face. From critical equipment breakdowns to the need for immediate response and safe laundry practices, we provide tailored solutions to ensure your facility runs smoothly.

Addressing Critical Issues

Guaranteed Response to Breakdowns: We understand the importance of keeping your laundry equipment running smoothly. Our OneCare package provides brand new industrial washing machines and additional equipment and ensures an immediate response and quick resolution to any equipment breakdowns, minimising downtime and ensuring your laundry operation remains efficient.

Tackling Oils and Dryer Fires: Dealing with oils in towels and the risk of tumble dryer fires can be challenging. Our Flow range of commercial laundry detergents is designed to break down oils effectively, while our ADC i-Series Sensor Activated Fire Extinguishing System (SAFE) tumble dyers are engineered to minimise fire risks.

Disinfection and Hygiene: Maintaining a high level of disinfection is crucial in your sector. Our machines are designed to meet these stringent hygiene standards, ensuring that towels and linens are clean and safe for your customers.

Efficiency and Cost-Effectiveness: We understand that running costs and time efficiency are critical. Our machines are equipped with advanced technology, including high spin speeds to reduce drying times and tranaxial airflow dryers for energy savings.

Advantages of Choosing Wolf Laundry

Comprehensive OneCare Package: Our OneCare package offers gives you brand new laundry equipment and a hassle-free maintenance and service solution, allowing you to focus on your business while we take care of your kit.

Connected Machines for Monitoring: Our connected machines allow for real-time monitoring, providing insights into machine performance and usage. This data helps optimise your laundry operation and reduce operational stress.

Efficient and Green Technology: Our industrial washing machines are designed with efficiency in mind, using less water, energy, and resources. The inclusion of ozone technology further enhances eco-friendliness while maintaining outstanding cleaning performance.

Reversing Drum for Even Drying: Our machines feature reversing drums to ensure even drying, resulting in high-quality, ready-to-use linens for your spa and health club guests.

Customised Options

Flexible Maintenance Plans: We offer various care plans to suit your specific needs and budget, providing you with options that ensure peace of mind.

Ozone for Sustainability: Ozone technology not only provides exceptional cleaning but also aligns with green initiatives, helping you reduce your environmental footprint.

Additional Equipment: In addition to laundry machines, we also provide glass washers and dishwashers to meet all your cleaning needs under one roof.

Compliance and Safety

Our laundry machines are WRAS approved, ensuring they meet water board requirements and maintain the highest safety standards.

Discover how Wolf Laundry can transform your health club and spa laundry operation. Contact us today to learn more about our tailored solutions, advanced technology, and environmentally friendly options. With Wolf Laundry, you can run a smooth, efficient, and eco-conscious laundry operation, reducing stress and ensuring the highest level of hygiene for your valued customers. Your satisfaction is our priority.

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