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Welcome to ServiceMaster: Connected Laundry for the 21st Century

Laundry is the heartbeat of your business, and we understand that a sudden machine breakdown can send your stress levels soaring, not to mention the unforeseen costs that come with it.

That’s where ServiceMaster steps in to make your laundry experience smoother and more efficient than ever before.

Automatic Service Triggers for Optimal Health

Imagine a world where your laundry machine knows when it’s not feeling its best and asks for help even before you notice it. With ServiceMaster, this world becomes a reality. Our innovative system uses automatic service triggers to notify us of any machine issues, allowing us to diagnose faults remotely and dispatch an engineer equipped with the right part for a first-time fix. No more waiting, no more hassle – just seamless laundry operations.

The Error Log Dashboard: Your Machine’s Voice

Our Error Log Dashboard is like a virtual doctor for your laundry machines. It provides you with detailed error information, including which machine has stopped working, the error code, and what it means. This insight empowers you to stay informed and take quick action, reducing downtime to a minimum.

Breakdown Prevention at Your Fingertips

But that’s not all – ServiceMaster goes beyond just fixing problems; it helps you prevent them in the first place. With our Utilisation Dashboard, you can monitor your machines in real-time. Track usage patterns, duration, and peak activity periods to anticipate potential issues and optimize your laundry operations.

Cut Costs with the Consumption Dashboard

Worried about utility costs spiralling out of control? Our Consumption Dashboard has got you covered. Keep an eye on water and electrical usage over any time frame, filter by month or site, and even compare machines. Identify peak consumption periods and individual machine usage to pinpoint areas where you can save on costs.

Hygiene Dashboard for Peace of Mind

In today’s world, hygiene is paramount. Our Hygiene Dashboard offers a remote audit for thermal disinfection. Monitor live information on completed cycles and ensure that each cycle successfully reaches the desired temperature. It’s all about peace of mind and maintaining the highest standards of cleanliness.

The serviceMaster system is compatible with all Schulthess commercial laundry equipment. It can be retro-fitted to all ProLine machines and provides the following information:

  • Remote Diagnosis for the highest first-time fix
  • Reduced Machine Downtime
  • Insights into Machine Usage (over and under)
  • Knowledge of Peak Usage Times
  • Tools to Report on Machine Consumption
  • Management of Utility Costs
  • Data on Thermal Disinfection Cycles

Don’t let laundry machine breakdowns disrupt your business. Embrace the future of laundry management with ServiceMaster by Wolf Laundry and enjoy a seamless, cost-effective, and efficient laundry operation. Say goodbye to unexpected stress and unforeseen costs – we’ve got you covered, always!