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Spare Parts

Spare Parts for Your Commercial Laundry Equipment

At Wolf Laundry, we understand the critical role that operational efficiency plays in your laundry business.

That’s why we offer a comprehensive selection of spare parts to ensure that your laundry equipment remains up and running, delivering outstanding performance.

Our Spare Parts Inventory:

With a dedicated distribution centre at our disposal, we take pride in having a vast inventory of over 100,000 spare parts readily available on our shelves. This extensive range allows us to provide you with prompt delivery services, ensuring that your laundry operations experience minimal downtime.

Direct Manufacturer Relationships:

Our unique advantage lies in our direct relationships with renowned manufacturers. This means that when you need a specific spare part for your laundry equipment, we’re your one-stop solution. We deal directly with manufacturers, ensuring that we have every part you’ll ever need to keep your equipment running smoothly.

Brands We Support:

Our commitment to supplying high-quality spare parts extends across various leading brands in the laundry equipment industry. Here are some of the manufacturers whose spare parts we have readily available:

  • ADC: Offering a wide range of parts to support ADC equipment.
  • ALLIANCE: Providing essential spare parts for Alliance washing machines.
  • HEUBSCH: Access to genuine Heubsch spare parts for your laundry equipment.
  • IPSO: A comprehensive selection of IPSO spare parts to maintain your machines.
  • JLA: Supporting JLA equipment with the necessary spare parts.
  • MAYTAG: Genuine Maytag spare parts to ensure the longevity of your machines.
  • MIELE: Access to Miele spare parts for their high-quality commercial washing machines.
  • PRIMUS: A variety of spare parts for Primus laundry equipment.
  • SCHULTHESS: Comprehensive support for Schulthess laundry machines.
  • SIDI: Providing essential spare parts for Sidi laundry equipment.
  • SMEG: Access to Smeg spare parts to keep your laundry appliances in top condition.
  • SPEEDQUEEN: Offering a wide range of SpeedQueen spare parts for your convenience.

At Wolf Laundry, we’re committed to helping you maintain the efficiency and reliability of your laundry equipment. Our extensive spare parts inventory and direct manufacturer relationships ensure that you have quick access to the components you need to keep your laundry operation running smoothly. Contact us today to explore our spare parts inventory and experience hassle-free equipment maintenance. Your success is our priority.