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Wolf Laundry - Your Premier Partner for Care Home Laundry Solutions

With decades of trusted service in supplying commercial washing machines to the care sector, Wolf Laundry stands as your dedicated partner in meeting the unique needs and demands of care home laundry.

We specialise in delivering tailor-made laundry solutions for care homes, providing a comprehensive range of equipment, including commercial washing machines, tumble dryers, bedpan washers, and infection control equipment.

Tailored Healthcare Laundry Services

Our commitment to excellence in hospital and care home laundry is unwavering. We recognise that the standards of cleanliness and hygiene in care homes are of paramount importance. At Wolf Laundry, we specialise in addressing these unique challenges, understanding that it’s not just about laundry; it’s about creating a safe and comfortable space for residents.

Efficiency at the Core of Healthcare Laundry

Efficiency is the cornerstone of our hospital and care home laundry solutions. We take pride in optimising utility costs, streamlining laundry operations, and ensuring that your care home laundry runs seamlessly. Our goal is to make your laundry processes more efficient, enabling your staff to focus on providing the best care for residents.

Compliance and Safety in Healthcare Laundry

Safety and compliance are our top priorities in hospital and care home laundry. We go the extra mile to ensure that all our machines fully adhere to the Water Supply (Water Fittings) Regulations 1999 and meet the highest Health & Safety standards. Our care home laundry solutions are designed not only to meet but exceed the rigorous requirements set by water boards, Department of Health HTM 01-04 standards, and Care Quality Commission guidelines for standards in adult social care.

The Schulthess Proline Advantage

Explore our Schulthess Proline range of commercial washing machines, specifically tailored to handle care home laundry needs, including PPE, bedding, and resident clothing. These machines, available in capacities from 8kg to 16kg, feature energy-efficient cycles that save both energy and water, aligning with your sustainability goals.

Choose Wolf Laundry as your partner for care home laundry, and experience the difference in cleanliness, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness. Contact us today to discuss how our specialised care home laundry services and Schulthess Proline machines can lift your facility’s laundry operations.

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