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Electrolux W4400H 45kg Washer


Professional Washer Extractor

Height: 2,015mm Width: 1,325mmDepth: 1,450mm
This machine is ideal for:
Public Sector

Revolutionise Your Laundry Operations with the Electrolux W4400H at Wolf Laundry

  • Clarus Control® – programmable microprocessor with 9 fixed and up to 192 programs to allow free programming
  • High extraction for efficient dewatering
  • Frequency-controlled motor for optimal washing
  • Supplied with 8 + 5 signals for liquid detergents
  • Eight connections for liquid detergents
  • Large door opening for easy loading and unloading
  • All critical parts made from stainless steel to provide a high level of corrosion resistance
  • Powder painted galvanised steel side panels
  • Bearing seals lubricated with oil to ensure a long service life. Empty container alarm
  • Electric or direct steam heating
  • Low noise level for pleasant working environment
  • Designed for easy servicing and maintenance

Additional Information

When it comes to demanding laundry environments like prison facilities and commercial laundries, efficiency and reliability are non-negotiable. That’s why Wolf Laundry proudly presents the Electrolux W4400H Commercial Washing Machine – a powerhouse designed to excel in the most challenging laundry settings.

  1. Efficiency Redefined: At the core of the Electrolux W4400H lies its remarkable high extraction force. This feature ensures thorough dewatering, significantly reducing drying times and cutting down on energy costs. In the world of prison and commercial laundries, every minute and every penny counts, and the W4400H delivers on both fronts.
  2. Precision Washing: The Electrolux W4400H is equipped with a frequency-controlled motor, guaranteeing optimal washing performance. No matter the type of fabric or level of soiling, this machine consistently delivers pristine results, meeting the stringent cleanliness standards required in correctional and commercial laundry settings.
  3. Detergent Mastery: Managing detergent has never been more straightforward. With eight connections for liquid detergents and 8 + 5 signals for liquid detergents, you have unparalleled control over detergent dosing. Achieve precise detergent customisation to meet the specific needs of your laundry loads, whether they’re from a prison or a bustling commercial establishment.
  4. Loading Ease: In fast-paced laundry operations, time is of the essence. The Electrolux W4400H simplifies your workflow with a generously sized door opening. Load and unload large quantities of laundry with ease, streamlining your daily laundry tasks.

Wolf Laundry is committed to providing cutting-edge laundry solutions that cater to the unique demands of prison facilities and commercial laundries. The Electrolux W4400H is a testament to our dedication to your success. Experience the unmatched efficiency, precision, and convenience it offers, and take your laundry operations to new heights.

Invest in the future of your laundry facility with the Electrolux W4400H, exclusively available at Wolf Laundry. Discover how this remarkable machine can transform your laundry processes, saving you time, resources, and money while ensuring impeccable laundry results. Choose Wolf Laundry and Electrolux for excellence in laundry care.

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