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IPSO ILC98 9kg Coin-Op Dryer


IPSO ILC98 Coin Op Dryer

Height: 1,121mm Width: 683mmDepth: 711mm
Eligible for One Care - All inclusive service solution

Speed meets style in the latest addition to IPSO’s dryer range

  • Energy-efficient cycles
  • Enhanced control panel
  • Loading is easier and faster thanks to a wide door opening
  • 4 different temperature settings
  • Fully updateable firmware for future proofing
  • Manual auditing of cycle counts
  • Lifetime data history

Additional Information

Introducing the IPSO ILC98 9kg Coin-Operated Dryer

At Wolf Laundry, we understand the multifaceted laundry needs of diverse industries such as housing, laundrettes, hotels, schools, and facilities management. That’s why we’re excited to introduce the IPSO ILC98 9kg Coin-Operated Dryer, a powerful and efficient laundry appliance designed to cater to the unique demands of your industry.

Optimised for Housing:

In housing complexes where residents rely on shared laundry facilities, efficiency is key. The IPSO ILC98 ensures that your residents have access to rapid and reliable drying, leaving them with fresh and crisp clothing, while its coin-operated system simplifies billing and maintenance.

Laundrettes Reimagined:

For laundrette owners, the IPSO ILC98 is a game-changer. Its robust construction and high-capacity drying drum make it the ideal choice for handling a constant flow of laundry from a diverse customer base. The coin-operated feature streamlines payment processing, ensuring a seamless customer experience.

Perfect for Hotels:

In the hospitality industry, guest satisfaction is paramount. The IPSO ILC98 ensures that your hotel guests have access to efficient and high-quality laundry services. Its user-friendly controls allow staff to customise drying cycles to meet the unique needs of different fabrics and loads.

Optimise School Laundry:

In school settings, where laundry is part of the daily routine, the IPSO ILC98 offers a dependable solution. Its large drying capacity and quick drying times keep up with the demands of students and staff, ensuring a steady supply of clean and dry uniforms and linens.

Facility Management Simplified:

For facility management companies, efficiency and reliability are essential. The IPSO ILC98 streamlines laundry operations with its intuitive controls and robust performance, reducing maintenance and downtime while ensuring top-notch laundry quality.

Upgrade your laundry operations with the IPSO ILC98 9kg Coin-Operated Dryer from Wolf Laundry. Whether you’re in housing, laundrettes, hotels, schools, or facility management, this versatile and user-friendly appliance will transform the way you handle laundry. Contact us today to discover how the IPSO ILC98 can optimise your laundry efficiency and enhance the quality of service you provide in your industry.

Extra Information

  • Pre-programmed cycles for ease of selection
  • Can be stacked on top of the ILC 98 washer
  • Manual Available
  • Gas and Electric heat options available

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