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IPSO ILC98 9kg Stacked Dryer/Dryer


IPSO ILC98 Stacked Dryer

Height: 1,994mm Width: 683mmDepth: 744mm
Eligible for One Care - All inclusive service solution
This machine is ideal for:
Public Sector
Vended Laundry
Animal Care

Improved Drying Performance on Every Level

  • Manual auditing of cycle counts
  • Lifetime data history
  • Fully updateable firmware for future proofing
  • Dynamic balancing and re-designed suspension
  • Instant door release on completion
  • Eco option for smaller loads

Additional Information

Introducing the IPSO ILC98 Stacked Dryer/Dryer – Redefine Your Laundry Efficiency and Reliability!

At Wolf Laundry, we recognise the critical importance of efficiency and dependability in meeting the laundry needs of a wide range of industries, including care facilities, housing complexes, veterinary practices, the NHS, laundrettes, hotels, and schools. That’s why we are delighted to introduce the IPSO ILC98 Stacked Dryer/Dryer, a cutting-edge laundry solution designed to streamline your laundry operations and deliver exceptional results.

Double the Drying Power:

The IPSO ILC98 Stacked Dryer/Dryer is engineered to handle the most demanding laundry loads with ease. With dual drying drums, this innovative unit provides twice the drying capacity, allowing you to tackle large volumes of laundry efficiently. Say goodbye to bottlenecks in your laundry workflow.

Space-Saving Brilliance:

Space is often at a premium in various business settings. The IPSO ILC98’s stacked design optimizes your available floor space, making it an ideal choice for businesses with limited laundry room real estate. Maximise your laundry capacity without compromising on performance.

Rapid and Precise Drying:

Experience rapid drying times without sacrificing garment quality. The IPSO ILC98’s advanced technology ensures even, precise drying, resulting in soft, fluffy linens and perfectly dry clothing every time.

Built for Longevity:

We understand that downtime and maintenance costs are a concern for your industry. The IPSO ILC98 is built to last, featuring rugged construction and high-quality components that are designed to withstand the rigors of continuous use.

User-Friendly Controls:

Simplify laundry management with the IPSO ILC98’s intuitive controls. Customise drying settings to suit various fabric types and load sizes, ensuring your linens and clothing are treated with the utmost care.

Cost-Efficient and Sustainable:

In today’s eco-conscious world, energy efficiency matters. The IPSO ILC98 is designed to minimize energy consumption, reducing operational costs and contributing to your sustainability initiatives.

Elevate your laundry operations to new heights with the IPSO ILC98 Stacked Dryer/Dryer from Wolf Laundry. Whether you operate a care facility, housing complex, veterinary practice, NHS service, laundrette, hotel, or school, this innovative laundry solution will revolutionise the way you manage laundry, ensuring your clients and residents have access to impeccably dried linens and clothing. Contact us today to discover how the IPSO ILC98 can optimise your laundry efficiency and enhance your service quality!


  • Pre-programmed cycles for ease of selection


  • Self heat or boiler fed
  • Pump or gravity drain
  • Electric/Gas

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