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Maytag 9kg Boiler Fed Coin-op Washer


Maytag Coin-Op Washer
Boiler Fed

Height: 1,134mm Width: 686mmDepth: 732mm
Eligible for One Care - All inclusive service solution

Intelligent Controls with M-Technology

  • Cutting-Edge Spin Technology
  • Provides increased precision in cycle durations and improved performance in handling unbalanced loads.
  • Enhanced Stability with Six-Point Suspension
  • The TurboWash™ System incorporates proven high efficiency technology, resulting in energy savings.
  • The Duracore Drive System features a robust shaft sleeve design that eliminates wear.
  • Equipped with a flexible triple-lip seal and garter spring, the system protects bearings and extends the overall lifespan.
  • An accelerometer accurately measures cabinet vibration levels.
  • Total water usage of only 40.5l per cycle

Additional Information

Introducing the Maytag 9kg Coin-Operated Washing Machine

At Wolf Laundry, we understand the diverse laundry needs of businesses catering to students, campers, hotel guests, and marina visitors. That’s why we’re thrilled to introduce the Maytag 9kg Coin-Operated Washing Machine, a robust and efficient laundry appliance designed to meet the unique demands of your industry.

Reliable and Efficient:

The Maytag 9kg Coin-Operated Washing Machine is a workhorse, built to handle the rigors of constant use. Its high-capacity drum ensures that you can wash large loads quickly and efficiently, saving you both time and energy. Say goodbye to laundry bottlenecks and hello to consistently clean and fresh linens and clothing.

User-Friendly Operation:

Simplicity meets sophistication with this coin-operated gem. The machine boasts intuitive controls, making it easy for your customers or guests to operate. They can customise their washing cycles to suit different fabric types, ensuring the longevity of their clothing.

Perfect for Business Settings:

In business settings like student accommodations, campsites, hotels, and marinas, laundry efficiency is paramount. The Maytag 9kg Coin-Operated Washing Machine is an ideal choice, designed to deliver rapid and reliable results, even during peak laundry hours.


We understand the importance of cost-efficiency in the laundry business. This Maytag commercial washing machine is not only energy-efficient but also equipped with a coin collection system that streamlines revenue tracking, making it a self-sustaining option for your laundry facilities.

Durable Construction:

Durability is key for commercial laundry equipment, and the Maytag lives up to the challenge. Its rugged build and top-quality components ensure long-lasting, dependable performance, reducing downtime and maintenance expenses.

Upgrade your laundry operations with the Maytag 9kg Coin-Operated Washing Machine from Wolf Laundry. Whether you cater to students, campers, hotel guests, or marina visitors, this reliable and user-friendly appliance will revolutionise the way you handle laundry, ensuring your guests and customers have access to impeccably cleaned clothing and linens. Contact us today to discover how the Maytag can optimise your laundry efficiency and enhance the quality of service you provide.


Clothespin® app by Maytag.

Extra Information

  • Manual model available

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