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Schulthess Proline D200 11kg Dryer


Proline D200 11kg Dryer
Vented Dryer

Height:  1,350mm Width:  790mm Depth:  900mm
Eligible for One Care - All inclusive service solution


  • Precisely measures moisture levels.
  • Achieves quick drying results.
  • Minimises energy consumption.
  • Features a large door for convenient access.
  • Maximises heat utilisation.
  • Intuitive operation with a 4.3" color display.
  • Expert control
  • Prevents garment wrinkles.
  • Reversing Drum Action
  • Operates at less than 60 dB(A) for quiet use

Additional Information

Introducing the Schulthess D200 Commercial Tumble Dryer: Unmatched Performance for Your Laundry! 

At Wolf Laundry, we understand that efficiency, reliability, and performance are the pillars of any successful laundry business. That’s why we’re excited to present the Schulthess D200 Commercial Tumble Dryer – the ultimate solution to elevate your laundry operation to new heights. 

Unparalleled Efficiency: The Schulthess D200 is engineered to save you time and money. With a generous 11kg capacity, this commercial tumble dryer handles large loads effortlessly, ensuring that you get more done in less time. Thanks to its innovative heat pump technology, it achieves exceptional energy efficiency, reducing your utility bills while being environmentally friendly. This makes the Schulthess D 200 Dryer ideal for care home settings where cost savings and productivity are paramount 

Remarkable Durability: Built to withstand the rigors of daily commercial use, the Schulthess D200 is a true workhorse. Its robust construction and high-quality materials ensure longevity, making it a dependable investment that pays off for years to come. 

Intelligent Control: Equipped with a user-friendly touchscreen interface, the D200 offers precise control over drying cycles. Customise settings to meet the unique needs of different fabrics and loads, ensuring your laundry is perfectly dried every time. 

Safety First: Safety is paramount in any commercial laundry operation. The Schulthess D200 comes with advanced safety features, including overheat protection and a lint filter indicator, to keep your workplace secure and your equipment running smoothly. 

Space-Saving Design: Designed with space efficiency in mind, the compact footprint of the Schulthess D200 makes it suitable for businesses of all sizes, even those with limited space. 

Exceptional Quality, Exceptional Results: The Schulthess D200 Commercial Tumble Dryer is a testament to Swiss engineering excellence. With its precision, efficiency, and reliability, it sets a new standard for commercial laundry equipment. 

Upgrade your laundry business with the Schulthess D200 Commercial Tumble Dryer, available exclusively at Wolf Laundry. Contact us today to learn more about this game-changing appliance and how it can revolutionise your laundry operation. 



  • Expert+ Control
  • Convenient payment options
  • Central Fresh Air Intake Options
  • Adjustable Door Hinge
  • Machine Plinth (270mm)

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