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Schulthess Proline W100 11kg Washer


Schulthess Proline W100 11kg Washer
Drain valve or Drain pump

Height: 1,210mm Width: 696mmDepth: 915mm
Eligible for One Care - All inclusive service solution
This machine is ideal for:

Schulthess’ Game Changing W-Series made with Swiss Quality in mind

  • High-speed washing machine, freestanding
  • Powder-coated steel housing
  • Stainless steel drum and outer drum
  • 4.3-inch colour display with Intuitive operation
  • Control system «Expert»
  • Ergonomic detergent dispenser
  • Laundry trap protection
  • Large doors for easy loading/unloading
  • Hot water connection
  • Drain valve
  • Time preselection up to 7 weekdays
  • 24 languages
  • Autoclean

Additional Information

The Schulthess Proline W100 11kg commercial washing machine is a testament to Swiss engineering precision and innovation. Designed to cater to the demanding requirements of commercial laundry operations, this machine delivers unparalleled efficiency, durability, and performance.

Key Features:

  1. Spacious 11kg Drum Capacity: With an impressive 11kg drum capacity, the Schulthess Proline W100 can effortlessly accommodate large loads, making it an ideal choice for high-capacity commercial laundry facilities. Its generous capacity reduces the number of cycles required, saving you valuable time and resources.
  2. Optimised Washing Programs: This washer offers a range of washing programs and customisable options, allowing you to tailor each cycle to different fabric types and levels of soiling. Achieve pristine results for various laundry items with ease.
  3. Energy and Water Efficiency: The Proline W100 is a commercial washing machine engineered for energy and water efficiency without compromising on performance. It not only delivers superior laundry results but also contributes to cost savings and sustainability.
  4. Durable Construction: Built to withstand the rigors of continuous commercial use, this washer features a robust drum and a sturdy frame. Its longevity ensures a reliable and consistent laundry operation.
  5. Intuitive Controls: The user-friendly interface provides intuitive controls for selecting and adjusting washing parameters. This simplifies the laundry process, ensuring efficient and effective operations.
  6. Advanced Technology: The Proline W100 is equipped with advanced technology that enhances its performance and reliability. Count on this washing machine to consistently deliver exceptional results.

Versatile Applications:

The Schulthess Proline W100 11kg washing machine is well-suited for a wide range of commercial laundry applications. Whether you manage a hotel, healthcare facility, or laundrette, this machine’s versatility and durability make it an excellent choice for handling diverse laundry needs.

Why Choose the Schulthess Proline W100?

  • Swiss Excellence: Schulthess is a renowned Swiss brand known for its commitment to quality and precision.
    Cost Savings: Despite its premium features, the Proline W100 is designed for cost-efficiency, helping you save on operational expenses.
  • Reliability: Depend on this washer for consistent, high-quality laundry results, ensuring customer satisfaction.
  • Contact Wolf Laundry today to explore how the Schulthess Proline W100 11kg can enhance your business. With Schulthess, you’re investing in a reliable, efficient, and durable laundry solution designed to meet the demands of your industry.


  • Chrome or anthracite steel finish
  • PrePaid Card System (RFID)
  • Machine hygiene monitoring via USB
  • Drain pump
  • Lint filter drawer machine plinth
  • 280 mm Machine plinth
  • 8 liquid detergent dosing pumps connections
  • USB interface
  • Stainless steel housing
  • Control system «Expert+»

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