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Schulthess Starline 7kg Stacked Commercial Washer/Dryer


Domestic Footprint
Drain valve or Drain pump

Height: 1,700mm Width: 600mmDepth: 670mm
Eligible for One Care - All inclusive service solution
This machine is ideal for:
Public Sector

Swissmade Compact Commercial Laundry

  • Large 4.3” colour display
  • Drum vanes for 3D-Washing
  • LED drum lighting
  • Washer Drum capacity: 60 l
  • Dryer Drum capacity: 118 l
  • Door opening angle 180°
  • Spin speed: 1500 rpm
  • G Factor 605
  • Residual moisture 44%
  • With drain valve or drain pump
  • Door hinge right or left
  • Language selection button (23 languages)
  • profiClean programme button
  • Favourites for your 6 favourite programmes
  • Programme progress and remaining time display
  • Electronically and time-controlled drying programmes
  • Residual moisture measurement
  • Crease protection

Additional Information

The Schulthess Starline Stacked Commercial Washer/Dryer: Space-Saving and Energy Efficient

At Wolf Laundry, we understand the unique demands of commercial laundry businesses. Efficiency, durability, and cost-effectiveness are essential factors when choosing the right equipment. That’s why we’re excited to introduce the Schulthess Starline Stacked Commercial Washer/Dryer—an industrial powerhouse that combines space-saving convenience with unmatched energy efficiency.

Maximizing Domestic Footprint:

In commercial laundry settings, every inch of space counts. The Schulthess Starline Stacked Commercial Washer/Dryer is designed with a space-saving, stacked configuration, allowing you to optimise your floor plan. Whether you’re running a care home or a bustling hotel, this washer/dryer unit ensures you can provide outstanding laundry services without sacrificing valuable floor space.

The vertical design of the Schulthess Starline minimises the equipment’s footprint while maximising its capacity. This means you can handle large volumes of laundry efficiently while still maintaining an organised and uncluttered laundry area. It’s a game-changer for businesses looking to streamline operations without expanding their space.

Unparalleled Energy Efficiency:

Energy costs can quickly eat into your profit margins, especially in a commercial laundry setting. The Schulthess Starline Stacked Commercial Washer/Dryer is engineered with energy efficiency in mind. Its state-of-the-art technology reduces water consumption and minimises energy usage without compromising on performance.

With customisable wash and dry cycles, you have the flexibility to tailor your laundry processes to meet your specific needs. The result? Reduced environmental impact, lower utility bills, and more satisfied customers. It’s a win-win for your business and the planet.

Make the smart choice for your commercial laundry business by investing in the Schulthess Starline Stacked Commercial Washer/Dryer from Wolf Laundry. Experience the benefits of space-saving design and energy-efficient technology, all while boosting your operational efficiency and cost-effectiveness. Get in touch with us today to learn more about how this exceptional laundry solution can revolutionise your operations.

Washing Programmes

  • 35 profiClean programmes for small commercial businesses, building cleaners and special programmes
  • 24 freely programmable slots 40–85 °C disinfection programmes
  • Programme groups Sportswear, Business wear, Homecare, Antibac

Drying Programmes

  • Automatic programs with 5 drying levels from mangle moist to extra-dry.
  • Time-controlled drying programmes 10–150 minutes
  • Gentle drying at reduced temperature
  • 7 kg of laundry is cabinet dry in 83 min. (cotton, 1600 rpm)


  • Hot water connection
  • Programme expansion module with PC interface
  • Coin box interface
  • Coin-Op version available
  • Door hinge right or left

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