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Sensor Activated Fire Extinguishing from ADC

The Latest Commercial Tumble Dryer Technology

Trust ADC’s cutting-edge S.A.F.E. (Sensor Activated Fire Extinguishing) technology to shield your establishment and its inhabitants from the danger of dryer fires. The unique approach to fire safety in the laundry sector ensures complete peace of mind through innovative measures designed to protect property and lives.

What Sets ADC’s Industrial Dryers Apart with S.A.F.E. Technology?

Enhancing Industrial Laundry Fire Safety

ADC’s industrial laundry systems are equipped with the proprietary S.A.F.E technology, encapsulating Sensor Activated Fire Extinguishing. This breakthrough feature is embedded in our industrial tumble dryers, representing a monumental leap in fire safety within the industrial laundry domain.

Prevention Without the Hassle

The aftermath of tumble dryer fires can be catastrophic, posing a significant risk to both property and individuals, particularly in settings catering to vulnerable groups. ADC leads the charge in mitigating these risks with our S.A.F.E technology. Therefore SMART dryers are an ideal solution for your business, ensuring safety without compromise.

The S.A.F.E system employs dual sensors that vigilantly monitor the dryer drum’s temperature for any abnormal changes. Upon detection of a potential fire hazard, it triggers an atomized water vapour mechanism. This system douses the laundry within the drum, effectively neutralising fire threats without causing flooding or necessitating evacuation. The fire is swiftly contained and extinguished within the confines of the appliance, making our dryers a beacon of safety and reliability.

Unmatched Fire Response

ADC’s patented S.A.F.E system eliminates the worry of fires through an automatic detection and extinguishment process. Upon identifying a fire condition, whether during operation or when idle, it instantly releases water to douse the flames, then powers down. This not only prevents water damage and the need for extensive cleanup but is also unparalleled in its response time.

Compliance and Information at Your Fingertips

ADC’s S.A.F.E dryers not only conform to CSA and CE standards but are also the only systems that respond to fire conditions at any operational state. Equipped with a comprehensive computer readout, our dryers offer up-to-the-minute safety information and boast an array of self-diagnostic features. This ensures that you are always informed and prepared, keeping safety at the forefront of your operations.

At Wolf, we understand the critical importance of fire safety in industrial laundry settings. Offering S.A.F.E technology on ADC dyers represents our commitment to safeguarding your business and those within it against the threat of dryer fires. Choose Wolf for a safer, smarter laundry solution.