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4 signs you could benefit from commercial laundry equipment

January 27, 2022 / Wolf News

commercial laundry equipment with washing

Swamped with washing but unsure if you need more serious laundry equipment? Think commercial machines are just for the big boys?

Then think again.

Here at Wolf Laundry, we source laundry solutions for businesses big and small, and from across a diverse range of sectors. And whether you’re a chain of care homes with endless bedding to wash, a factory with hundreds of uniforms to clean, or a small high street hair salon with towels and robes to stay on top of, the chances are you need more than a standard domestic washing machine and tumbler.

Using the right equipment can not only save you time – it can save you money too! Here we take a closer look at 4 signs you could benefit from commercial laundry.

1.    You have large loads

The typical drum size of a domestic washing machine is between 7kg and 8kg. Great for the average family, but not so hot when it comes to coping with much more than that.

A better idea? Investing in a commercial washer, with a capacity starting from 8kg but ranging all the way up to a whopping 28kg. Likewise, domestic tumblers usually stop at around 10kg, whereas a commercial tumble dryer can hold up to 90kg. Meaning less time spent loading and unloading, and more time focusing on the day-to-day business.

2.    Your washing machine is used multiple times a day

Think about how you currently use your washing machine and tumble dryer. Do they go on several times a day? Every day? That’s a lot of washing and drying and way more than a standard machine is designed to cope with.

By investing in commercial laundry equipment, with their larger capacity, you’ll be able to get through your washing at a far quicker rate. What’s more, you can be confident that even with intense use, these machines are robust and built to last.

3.    The thought of financing a replacement worries you

Can you afford a replacement machine?

If you’re concerned your laundry equipment won’t be able to take the strain for much longer, and fear what will happen when it does break down and need replacing, then it’s probably best to take control of the situation and act now.

Whilst the initial outlay for commercial machines may be more expensive, you’re purchasing equipment specifically built for more intense use. And, in the long run, you will reap far more savings in terms of both time and money.

Not only are commercial laundry machines more durable, but they are also designed to be serviced – helping to further prolong their efficiency and lifespan. And with a reputable supplier like ourselves, you can benefit from comprehensive servicing options to ensure your machines stay in peak condition, and breakdown packages to cover you in the event of an emergency. Keeping the risk of running into unforeseen expenses to a minimum.

4.    There’s never enough time

Struggle to find enough time in the day? Feel as though far too much time is spent on washing and drying laundry? Commercial equipment is guaranteed to help.

Not only will the increased capacity and capabilities reduce timescales, but commercial equipment also comes with greater flexibility to customise and adapt programs. Ensuring you get exactly what you need from every load.

Add to this the fact that commercial tumble dryers don’t just dry more, they dry quicker, and you’re on to a winner. With increased productivity meaning that not only will you save on time, you’ll save on your bills too, with reduced energy costs.

Other things to consider

Whilst the advantages of commercial laundry equipment are pretty clear, there are a few important things to consider before you invest:

  • Space: with the best will in the world, if you’re working in small premises the chances of you fitting in a commercial washer or dyer with a huge capacity are pretty slim.

All is not lost though. Many machines are designed to fit through a standard door width and our experienced team can help you to create a layout to maximise space and productivity.

  • Water and power: larger machines will use more water and require more power. Be sure to check you have adequate supplies before committing.

Talk to the experts

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