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Commercial VS Domestic: Why Commercial is the Clear Choice for Salons

July 8, 2024 / Wolf News / Salons

When running a salon, every aspect of your business should reflect professionalism and efficiency, from the services you offer to the equipment you use. Yet, many salon owners opt for domestic laundry machines, believing they are more suitable for their needs. 

While domestic machines are great for family homes, commercial businesses, big or small, need commercial appliances, and we are here to show you why.

But aren’t Domestic Machines better for Salons?

Many salon owners assume that domestic machines are sufficient for their needs due to space limitations, budget constraints, and concerns about noise and operating costs. The smaller scale of their business might lead you to believe that the investment in commercial equipment is unnecessary. Additionally, the higher upfront cost of commercial machines can be daunting, especially for small businesses. These reasons can make domestic machines seem like the more practical choice.

However, relying on domestic machines can lead to inefficiencies and higher costs in the long run and falling back on the same misconceptions can be detrimental.

  1. “Commercial Machines Require Too Much Space”

One of the most common misconceptions for not investing in commercial laundry equipment is the perceived lack of space. While it’s true that some commercial machines are larger, there are many compact models designed specifically for small businesses with limited space. Stackable units and space-saving designs allow salons to benefit from commercial-grade performance without compromising their layout. The Schulthess Topline Range is a perfect example, it boasts a domestic footprint for compact spaces, but holds the power and performance like any other commercial machines. 

  1. “Commercial Machines are Too Expensive Upfront”

It’s true. The initial cost of commercial laundry equipment can be higher than that of domestic machines. However, this investment pays off over time through durability, efficiency, and reduced maintenance costs. Commercial machines are built to handle frequent use, meaning they last longer and perform better under constant demand. Not only that but we’re proud to supply a range of energy efficient machines that save on water and energy consumption, reducing your operational costs.

  1. “Domestic Machines are Adequate for Small Businesses”

Even small salons can benefit significantly from commercial laundry equipment. Domestic machines are not designed for the heavy usage that salons typically require. Towels, capes, and other linens used in salons need thorough and frequent washing, which can quickly wear out domestic machines, making them noisy, vibrate excessively or even break down all together. Commercial machines are engineered for high usage, providing better cleaning performance and longevity. This reliability ensures that your salon can maintain a high standard of hygiene without constant equipment issues.

  1. “Commercial Machines are Noisy”

Modern commercial laundry machines are designed with advanced technology to minimise noise and vibration. Many models operate quietly, making them suitable for salons where a peaceful environment is crucial. The misconception that commercial machines are louder than domestic ones is outdated; advancements in engineering have made commercial machines just as quiet, if not quieter, than their domestic counterparts. Our Schulthess range of products all proudly boast a silent motor. Providing powerful washing and drying all with minimal noise levels.

  1. “Commercial Machines are More Expensive to Run”

While commercial machines might use more power per cycle, they are also far more efficient. They can handle larger loads and wash items more thoroughly and quickly than domestic machines. This efficiency reduces the number of cycles needed, saving water, energy, and time. Over time, the operating costs of commercial machines can be lower due to their efficiency and reduced need for maintenance and repairs.

The Clear Choice for Salons

Investing in commercial laundry equipment is a smart move for salons of all sizes. These machines are designed to meet the rigorous demands of a professional setting, ensuring better hygiene, efficiency, and longevity. The initial higher cost is offset by the benefits of durability, performance, and lower long-term expenses. Compact designs and quiet operation make them suitable even for small salons.