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Primus RX180 20kg Washer


Primus RX180 20kg Washer
Electric Heat Manual
3ph Washer XControl
Manual/Coin Op

Height: 1,410mm Width: 970mmDepth: 970mm
Eligible for One Care - All inclusive service solution
This machine is ideal for:
Vended Laundry
Animal Care

Washer Extractors by Primus, Highly Efficient, Rigid Mounted

  • Rigid mounted, normal spin, 100G factor
  • Stainless steel drum and tub
  • Patented soap hopper
  • Large drain valve (Ø 76 mm)
  • Easy access to all vital parts from the front
  • Large door opening for easy loading & unloading
  • Xcontrol – easy to use microprocessor

Additional Information

Meet the Primus RX180 20kg Washer: Where Power and Performance Converge

In the realm of commercial laundry, where reliability, efficiency, and top-tier performance are non-negotiable, the Primus RX180 20kg washing machine reigns supreme. Crafted to meet the rigorous demands of industrial settings, this formidable washing machine marries robust power, longevity, and efficiency to deliver impeccable results time and time again.

Key Features:

  1. Capacious 20kg Capacity: Sporting an expansive 20kg drum capacity, the Primus RX180 effortlessly manages hefty laundry loads, making it an optimal choice for hotels, healthcare facilities, extensive laundries, and more. Its spacious interior ensures peerless efficiency.
  2. Swiss Precision Craftsmanship: Schulthess, renowned for Swiss engineering precision, delivers an unwavering commitment to quality with the RX180. Built using the finest components, this washer guarantees enduring performance in the most demanding industrial laundry environments.
  3. User-Friendly Interface: An intuitive control panel simplifies the customisation of wash programs, adapting effortlessly to different fabric types and laundry volumes. This machine is designed with user convenience as a top priority.
  4. Advanced Technological Edge: Armed with advanced technology, the RX180 optimises water and energy consumption, not only driving significant cost savings but also minimizing its ecological footprint – a win-win for your business and the environment.
  5. Exceptional Cleaning Prowess: The RX180 integrates state-of-the-art washing mechanisms to ensure thorough cleaning and effective stain removal. Your laundry emerges impeccably fresh, spotless, and ready for use, every time.
  6. Fortified Safety Features: Safety is paramount, and the RX180 is fortified with built-in safety features such as door interlock and overload protection, guaranteeing secure, worry-free laundry operation.
  7. Serene Operations: Remarkably quiet operation belies the immense power of this washer, reducing disturbances in your workspace or facility to an absolute minimum.

Whether you’re entrusted with washing delicate linens, rugged workwear, or anything in between, the Primus RX180 20kg Washer stands unwaveringly prepared. It embodies the reliability, efficiency, and consistent excellence that your business demands.

Investing in the Primus RX180 means aligning yourself with the ranks of contented customers who depend on this washing machine day in and day out to efficiently and effectively meet their laundry requirements. Ascend to the zenith of commercial laundry excellence and elevate your laundry game with the Primus RX180


  • 200G factor execution
  • XControl - Fully programmable
  • Anthracite grey painted panels
  • Stainless steel front and side panels
  • USB plug (on the back panel)
  • Liquid soap connection
  • Liquid soap pumps
  • Steam heating version
  • High capacity water inlets
  • ECO version : lower kW rating on request
  • 3rd water inlet
  • Coin Op model available

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