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Primus SDS10 10kg Stacked Dryer/Dryer


10kg x 2 stacked dryer/dryer
High capacity
Oversized lint filter

Height: 1,986mm Width: 683mmDepth: 737mm
Eligible for One Care - All inclusive service solution
This machine is ideal for:

Product Features

  • Robust Galvanized Steel Drum
  • Completely Freestanding: Suitable for Installation on Any Floor and at Any Elevation
  • Space-Saving Design
  • Generously Sized Lint Filter
  • Wide 180° Door Opening for Effortless Loading and Unloading
  • Flexibility of Electrical or Gas Heating Options
  • Standard Panels in Grey Finish on Top, Front, and Sides
  • Four Drying Programs for Versatile Performance

Additional Information

Introducing the Primus SDS10 Stacked Dryer/Dryer – Elevate Your Laundry Efficiency to New Heights!

At Wolf Laundry, we understand the unique laundry needs of care facilities, the NHS, hotels, and spas. That’s why we are excited to introduce the Primus SDS10 Stacked Dryer/Dryer, a compact and powerful laundry solution designed to meet the specific demands of your industry.

Optimized Space Utilisation:

In establishments where space is a valuable commodity, the Primus SDS10 Stacked Dryer/Dryer shines. Its innovative stacked design maximises your available floor space, making it an ideal choice for businesses with limited laundry room real estate. Say goodbye to cramped laundry areas and hello to efficient space utilisation.

Rapid and Precise Drying:           

When it comes to laundry, quick and consistent drying is essential. The SDS10 Dryer/Dryer boasts advanced technology that ensures even, precise drying, resulting in soft, fluffy linens and perfectly dry clothing with every cycle.

Effortless Operation:

Streamline your laundry management with the SDS10’s user-friendly controls. Customise drying settings effortlessly, tailoring them to the unique needs of your fabrics and laundry loads. Enjoy a seamless laundry process that saves time and energy for your staff.

Cost-Efficiency and Sustainability:

The SDS10 Dryer/Dryer is designed with cost-efficiency and sustainability in mind. Its energy-efficient performance helps reduce utility costs while aligning with your eco-friendly initiatives. Experience outstanding drying results without compromising on environmental responsibility.

Built to Last:

Reliability is paramount in commercial laundry equipment, and the SDS10 Dryer/Dryer delivers on this promise. Its robust construction and premium components ensure long-lasting, dependable performance, minimising downtime and maintenance expenses.

Elevate your laundry operations to new heights with the Primus SDS10 Stacked Dryer/Dryer from Wolf Laundry. Whether you manage a care facility, NHS service, hotel, or spa, this compact laundry powerhouse will transform the way you handle laundry, ensuring your linens and clothing emerge warm, fresh, and ready for use every time. Contact us today to discover how the Primus SDS10 can optimise your laundry efficiency and enhance the quality of service you provide to your clients and guests.


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