Specialist Laundry Equipment for the Industrial Sector

Searching for an industrial laundry solution? Need equipment able to withstand the intense pressure and demands placed on it – all without breaking the bank?

Then you need to work with us.

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Specialist Laundry Equipment
for the Industrial Sector

Wolf Laundry provide our industrial sector clients including industrial laundries, hospitals with sector specific expert solutions. We understand that our clients require a very robust, reliable Industrial Laundry solution while keeping costs down.

Find Your Ideal Solution

Here at Wolf Laundry, we understand the challenges faced by laundry equipment used in an industrial environment and specialise in providing industrial sector clients with robust, reliable products. Machines specifically engineered to cope with the rigours of an industrial setting and able to handle the higher stress of very large loads (30kg+). All whilst still keeping costs low and achieving fantastic results.

Our services for the industrial sector

To ensure your business continues to run smoothly - and operates at its most efficient level - we offer sector specific, expert solutions.

From initial, tailored advice, through to installation and long-term maintenance support, we will work with you closely, every step of the way, to ensure you get exactly what you need.

Whether you’re looking for washing machines, tumble dryers or finishing equipment, our comprehensive service includes options for full breakdown cover, leasing and fully inclusive rental.

Browse the categories below to view the options available or for more assistance talk to the team.

Maximise efficiency with auto dosing

Auto dosing is always beneficial but never more so than when operating on an industrial scale - helping to save both time and money.

Here at Wolf Laundry, we are able to regulate every pump to ensure precisely the right amount of detergent is used. Guaranteeing optimum wash results and maximum efficiency.

We also have a range of commercial grade detergents available, including destainers, wash boosters and fabric softeners. Vist our detergents page to find out more.

Talk to the team

To find out more about the services we offer, and for help finding the right laundry equipment for your industrial setting, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with the team.

We work across all sectors and pride ourselves on always offering a reliable and cost-effective solution. This is especially true when it comes to industrial laundry.

With a real understanding of the demands placed on equipment in an industrial environment, we only offer machines able to withstand this intense pressure. Ensuring you are provided with an effective and dependable solution.

You don’t! Which is why it’s important to speak to the experts.

Here at Wolf Laundry, we work with a wide range of industrial business – all with varying needs, depending on the exact size and nature on the company. Several key requirements always remain the same through - reliability, durability and cost effectiveness.

Outside of these, we will listen carefully to what you need from your laundry equipment and draw on our 30 years plus of experience, to help identify the ideal solution for your industrial setting.

Why not get in touch with the team to source to best industrial laundry equipment for your business today?

Yes. And what’s more we have a first-time fix rate of 97%!

Time is money, we get that. And with a dedicated team of skilled engineers based across the UK, we have a response time that’s every bit as impressive as our fix rate.

The result? Should the worst happen, and your equipment runs into problems, our experienced team will have you back up and running in no time at all. Keeping any downtime to an absolute minimum.

To be confident your machines are always working at optimum efficiency, and for  complete peace of mind that you’re covered in case of a breakdown, why not take a look at our highly rated One Care package? This comprehensive plan includes all breakdowns, servicing and duct cleans for one fixed monthly payment. Get in touch with the team to find out more.























Get the brand new kit you need for no capital outlay.
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