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Why all student accommodation needs laundry equipment

April 12, 2022 / Wolf News

Gone are the days of dingy student digs. The modern student demands more – with high expectations for living standards.

Smart, clued up and tuned in, if your student accommodation is going to cut it, you’ll need to make sure you’re offering a top-notch service. And where better to start than with the laundry?


Why provide washing machines?

When it comes to bagging students, competition between universities is high. Vast sums of money are spent on sports equipment, upgrading campus features, revamping halls, but all too often the improvements fall short of the laundry with many providers of student accommodation underestimating its importance.

But whilst washing clothes may not be top of the typical student’s ‘to do’ list, it is a necessity. So the faster, cheaper and more convenient you can make it, the more favourable your student accommodation will be.


Why a laundry upgrade will appeal to students

If you already offer laundry equipment, great. But how long have you had the machines? Are they older than the students using them?

Technology moves quickly and modern machines are far more economical and energy efficient than their old counterparts – they’re also quieter!

Other benefits include:

·         Convenience

Students are notoriously keen for an easy life, and with a hectic diary of studying and socialising, finding time to fit in chores can be tough. So why not make it easy?

By supplying laundry facilities within your accommodation, students can stay on top of washing without having to worry about trekking to the local laundrette or when the next trip home is.

·         Safety

No need to head out alone on dark winter nights just to get the laundry done. With onsite facilities, students can catch up on washing without the need to leave the safety of their accommodation block.

·         Savings

Modern laundry solutions not only save on energy, but they are also cheaper to run, quicker and quieter. And that’s before you start on the savings for students, who no longer need to pay for transport to be able to cart heavy bags of washing to and from the laundrette.

·         Usability

With new technology you can expect intuitive machines with easy to read, multi-lingual interfaces for ease of use, an impressive choice of wash programmes and much more.   

Don’t forget the dryers!

Whilst student accommodation may have improved over recent years, it still tends to be on the small side. Finding room to dry clothes can be a real issue, with flatmates competing for radiator space.

Soggy clothes left hanging around to dry can lead to issues with damp, causing you a headache further down the line. Better to invest wisely now and provide tenants the means to not only wash their laundry but dry it too.

Find the ideal laundry solution for student accommodation today

Whether you’re looking for a single washer and dryer or to kit out an entire laundry, Wolf Laundry can assist.

As one of the UK’s leading suppliers of commercial laundry equipment, we stock the very latest in innovative machines – including pay as you go coin laundry, ideal for the student setting.

Why not take a look at the extensive range of washing machines and dryers we have available? Alternatively, if you’d like to talk in more detail to a member of the team, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Not only can we help you to identify the right solution for your student setting, but we can assist with the most efficient layout, and deliver a comprehensive range of breakdown cover and servicing too.