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How do you know if your commercial tumble dryer needs replacing?

June 26, 2022 / Wolf News

Worried your commercial tumble dryer has seen better days? Wondering if it’s time to start sourcing a replacement but concerned about the cost?

Buying a commercial tumble dryer is a big investment but if your business relies on fast, efficient drying, it’s also a crucial one.

Industrial and commercial environments place machines under intense pressure. So it’s no surprise this demand eventually results in inefficiency and breakdowns.

No business wants to spend unnecessary money, or risk unplanned downtime, so just how can you tell if it’s time to replace your commercial dryer?   

Here Wolf Laundry, one of the UK’s leading suppliers of commercial laundry equipment, share their expertise on how to spot the signs you’re ready for a replacement. 

 5 signs your commercial tumble dryer is ready for replacing

1.    How long have you had it?

The average domestic tumbler dryer can last up to 10 years, but whilst purposely designed to take the increased pressure of industrial use, the length of time your commercial tumble dryer lasts will largely depend on the demands placed upon it, and the level of ongoing maintenance and servicing it receives.

It’s a given though, that the longer you have had it, the more likely it is that you’re approaching time for a replacement.

2.    Persistent faults

How many times has that part been replaced?

If you’re continuously forking out for replacements and spending time and money on repairs, then it’s a sure sign you need to think seriously about buying new.

3.    No longer fit for purpose

Being ready for a replacement may have nothing to do with how well the machine actually works. It could be that your current commercial tumble dryer simply no longer fits your requirements.

Is business booming, are you repeatedly having to split loads and spend increasing time drying? Then it could be time for a dryer with a larger capacity. Moved premises and struggling to fit the dryer in? Then a slimline machine may help. There are many options on the market, and it could be time to reassess your business needs and make sure your commercial tumble dryer meets them.  

4.    Sky-high energy bills

Technology is constantly evolving and so too is the sophistication and efficiency of commercial tumbler dryers.

Old, outdated equipment will drain energy compared to modern appliances, which have been designed to offer more effective heating. Updating your tumble dryer will reduce energy consumption and, in turn, your energy bills. So if you’ve had your machine for longer than you can remember, working or not, it could be time for a replacement.   

Repair or replace?

Balancing the cost of a new machine over the expense of ongoing repairs is a tricky business. So why not let the professionals decide?

Take the debate and worry out of whether you should be paying for a replacement part or buying new by investing in a comprehensive cover package – such as the One Care solution offered here at Wolf Laundry.

With a single, manageable monthly payment, you benefit from an ongoing maintenance service. Not only does this give you the peace of mind that your equipment is being regularly serviced – aiding efficiency and life span – but it also helps you to avoid costly and unexpected bills for parts or a replacement machine.

Frequent checks minimise the risk of work being forced to a standstill due to a breakdown, with professional engineers helping to identify potential problems before they happen. Highly experienced, they can also offer expert advice on when repairs are no longer viable.

Future proof your commercial tumble dryer

Checked the signs and think it’s time to buy new? Then take a look at the extensive range of commercial tumble dryers we have available. With equipment from leading manufacturers such as Primus, Maytag, Schulthess and ADC, and a guarantee of competitive prices and excellent customer service, take the worry out of maintaining your tumble dryer and let the experts look after it for you.   

For more advice about replacing your commercial tumble dryer, to buy, or to simply discover more about the services we offer, get in touch with the team.