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Why rent commercial laundry equipment?

September 2, 2022 / Wolf News

When it comes to business, every penny matters.

As energy bills rise, and the cost of just about everything continues to increase, businesses across the globe are being forced to scrutinise expenses. Looking for new ways to achieve efficiencies and find those all-important savings.

Sound familiar?

Whether you’re a busy hotel, nursing home, restaurant or hair salon – regardless of business size or sector – if you deal with an ongoing demand for fresh laundry, it’s important to make sure you’re getting the best value for your money.  

Which is where renting commercial laundry equipment comes in. Here experts at Wolf Laundry explain the benefits…   

Why renting makes sense

High-performing commercial laundry equipment offers many advantages to businesses. Just some of the benefits you could reap include:

No long-term commitment

Is business booming? Need a machine capable of holding a larger capacity? Or have things slowed and you now need less equipment? Purchase outright and you’re stuck, but no such problem with renting.

You can change your machine at regular intervals, meaning you not only keep pace with business demand but with technology too. Bringing with it the added bonus of ensuring you’re not trapped with an old, outdated machine and can benefit from faster, more energy-efficient appliances. Win-win.

Fixed monthly payments

Fluctuating costs can make managing finances a real headache. By renting, you’ll know exactly where you are with manageable monthly bills and fixed payments.

Take the sting out of breakdowns and unplanned maintenance by searching for a deal that also factors in repairs and ongoing upkeep – like our One Care Plan.

No capital outlay

Make managing your business’ finances easy. With no lump sum required upfront, renting commercial laundry equipment doesn’t need to mean ‘managing’ while you save for a large deposit, enduring a tight month, or making cutbacks elsewhere.  

No inflation

Worried about rising prices? With a fixed rental plan, you can be confident of enjoying the same great price for the duration of your agreement.

Sign up for our One Care plan, and you’ll even have the option to determine the length of your contract – so you’re guaranteed a rental contract that works perfectly for you. 

Machine choice

Not sure about the right machine for your business? By renting from professionals, you can garner expert advice and choose from the very latest machines on the market.

At Wolf Laundry, we pride ourselves on ensuring you find the perfect machine for your needs. Stocking a wide range of equipment – whether you need washers, dryers or finishing equipment – we can help. Working with some of the biggest and most trusted brands in the industry such as Smeg, Schulthess, and IPSO, you’ll have access to leading machines that won’t let you down.  

Start benefiting now

Wondering why you’re not already benefiting from renting commercial laundry equipment? So are we!

Don’t waste any more time – or money – and get in touch with the team here at Wolf Laundry to discover just how much you could save by renting commercial laundry equipment from us.

Prefer to buy? Not a problem. We understand that for some businesses it’s preferable to buy equipment, and that’s fine by us too. We offer a great range of products to purchase, and you can still benefit from our impressive One Care package to help manage your ongoing expenses.

Check out the products we have available to rent or buy now. And if you’re unsure which way to jump, why not have a chat with the team? You can call us on 0800 840 9598 or fill in our online form and we’ll get back to you shortly.