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Your Complete Laundry Partner For New Builds

January 15, 2024 / Wolf News / Care Home News / Hospital News / Hospitality / Social Housing News

At Wolf Laundry, we don’t just understand the importance of seamless and efficient laundry solutions in new builds; we’ve made it our mission to be the ultimate partner in your project’s success, offering comprehensive services from the very inception to flawless installation.

1. Involvement from Inception: Crafting Tailored Solutions Our commitment kicks in right at the beginning of your project. Picture this: “The Parks Uttoxeter,” where our team orchestrated a circular laundry layout with individual machine specifications for a 76-bedroom care home. Our personalised site visits provide invaluable insights, optimising laundry spaces, and ensuring the integration of cutting-edge solutions.

Laundry room plan for Care home in Uttoxeter
The Parks Uttoxeter: Circular laundry layout with machine spec for a 76 bedroom care home

2. M&E Drawings: Precision Planning for Seamless Execution Efficient Mechanical and Electrical (M&E) planning is the backbone of a successful laundry installation. Witness our expertise in action at “Syncare Kingston-Upon Thames,” where our experts collaborated closely with the team to develop precise drawings, including fully planned ducting for extraction.

Laundry room M&E drawing with ducting plans
Syncare Kingston-Upon Thames: Laundry room and ducting plan for 67 bedroom care home

3. Product Selection: Elevating Laundry Solutions Beyond the Ordinary Our team of experts takes product selection to new heights. With an in-depth understanding of all products on the market, we go beyond conventional service, guiding you through the selection process. At “C2C Helston,” we crafted a simple yet effective laundry facility, showcasing our commitment to maximising efficiency, ensuring durability, and meeting specific capacity demands.

C2C Helston Laundry room plan
C2C Helston: Simple laundry facility with product selection

4. Seamless Installation: Where Expertise Meets Efficiency From delivery to installation, Wolf Laundry ensures a hassle-free process. Our experienced technicians guarantee a smooth setup, allowing you to concentrate on other critical aspects of your project. Experience the ease of implementation firsthand, just like our project at Quantum Care’s 78 bed Elm View development in Bishops Stortford, where our team orchestrated a seamless installation.

Laundry installation at Elm View Care Home in Bishops Stortford
Installation of laundry equipment at Elm View Care Home, Bishops Stortford

Embark on a journey of effortless laundry excellence with Wolf Laundry. As your complete partner in new builds, we don’t just provide machines; we deliver tailored, innovative solutions designed to elevate your project now and into the future. For personalised consultations and to explore our comprehensive services, contact us today on 0330 053 2192 or email