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Benefits of industrial washing machines

November 30, 2022 / Wolf News

In all areas of life, having the right tools for the job is important.

In business, it’s essential.

The wrong equipment – particularly in an intense industrial setting – can lead to breakdowns, delays in production, additional expenses, and reputational damage.

Keen to minimise risks? Want to know how you can increase efficiency and reduce costs? It’s simple – don’t neglect your laundry!

Unlike domestic machines, industrial washing machines are designed to handle much higher demands. A standard washing machine is built to run four to six cycles a week. The average industrial washing machine dwarfs this – performing up to eight cycles PER DAY!

That’s not just a big difference, it’s huge!

So, whilst the mundane task of dealing with dirty washing may not seem like a top priority, making a smart investment here can be a fast-track way to boost business.

Want to understand more about the advantages of industrial washing machines? Here we take a closer look at the benefits these heavy-duty machines can offer – and why your business can’t afford to be without. 

4 key advantages of industrial washing machines

1. Faster washing

Industrial washing machines offer faster wash rates, but it’s not just the cycle time that speeds the process up.

A typical industrial machine can hold up to 52kg of washing in one go, compared to an average of 9kg and under for a regular domestic machine. This increase in capacity means more washing – faster!

Large door openings also help to reduce load and empty time, increasing efficiency.

2. Reduced energy and water bills

In the current climate, not only are businesses under pressure to use more sustainable and environmentally friendly options, but there’s also immense pressure to reduce energy bills – making cutting down on energy consumption essential.

Many people believe that the larger the machine, the larger the bills. This isn’t the case. A modern industrial washing machine is designed to maximise productivity, whilst reducing energy and water use. A larger machine will also result in fewer loads, making further cuts to time and expense. Good for business, good for the environment – it’s a win-win.

3. Increased reliability

Time is money. Avoid the disruption and expense of breakdowns and unplanned downtime with a machine built with durability in mind. 

These washers are designed to endure intense and prolonged use, making them far more reliable for industrial settings.

Pair your investment with a maintenance package – such as our One Care cover – and you can be confident in the ongoing efficiency of your machines and access to that all-important help when you need it most.

With us, you’re covered 7 days a week (including bank holidays), with a response in under 8 hours and an impressive 97%+ first-time fix rate.

4. Intensive sanitising

In many industrial settings, it’s not just getting laundry visibly clean that matters – the highest levels of sanitisation are demanded, too.

Thankfully, industrial washers offer intensive cleaning. This eliminates the risk of spreading illness, cross-contamination, or transferring allergens.

Invest in industrial washing machines

Is your business missing a trick by not using the proper equipment?

At Wolf Laundry, we offer washing solutions for businesses from all sectors and settings. With a great range of industrial washing machines available, you’re guaranteed to find a machine to match the size and functionality of your business.

Shop industrial washing machines now, or for help identifying the right machine for your business needs, why not talk to the team? Fill in our contact form or call us on 0800 840 9598.

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