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How healthcare facilities can beat the heat this summer

June 7, 2024 / Wolf News / Care Home News / Hospital News

As the warmer months approach, care homes and hospitals face unique challenges in maintaining their laundry operations. Increased temperatures and humidity can exacerbate common laundry issues, impacting both the efficiency of the facility and the comfort of residents and patients. At Wolf Laundry, we understand these pain points and are here to offer practical solutions to ensure your laundry operations run smoothly all summer long.

Problem: Increased Load Demands:

Warmer weather often leads to more frequent changes of clothing and bed linens due to sweating, spills, and general discomfort. This increased demand can strain existing laundry equipment, leading to potential breakdowns and inefficiencies.

Solution: AdvancedCare Maintenance Package:

Our AdvancedCare package is designed to provide peace of mind with comprehensive maintenance and breakdown cover. With a 24-hour response time and no call-out or labour charges, your facility can avoid prolonged downtime and ensure continuous operation of your laundry equipment.

Problem: Higher Humidity Levels:

High humidity can affect the drying process, causing longer drying times and potential mildew issues. This not only impacts the turnaround time for clean linens but also poses hygiene risks.

Solution: High-Efficiency Equipment:

Wolf Laundry offers high-efficiency washing machines and dryers that are designed to handle increased loads and operate efficiently even in higher temperatures. 

Our ADC I-series dryers come with advanced features such as Trans-axial airflow, ensuring optimal performance and energy savings.

Our Schulthess Proline Washers are equipped with thermal disinfection cycles that can target mould spores, leaving your laundry fresh and clean on the first wash.

Problem: Hygiene Concerns:

In a healthcare setting, maintaining high hygiene standards is paramount. Warmer temperatures can increase the proliferation of bacteria and other pathogens if laundry is not handled properly.

Solution: Regular Maintenance and Inspections:

Scheduling regular maintenance and inspections with Wolf Laundry can help identify potential issues before they become major problems. Our expert technicians can ensure that all equipment is in top condition, reducing the risk of breakdowns during the busy summer months.

Quick Tips for Making Summer Easier for Residents and Patients

1. Keep It Cool:

Ensure that rooms are well-ventilated and air-conditioned to maintain a comfortable temperature for residents and patients. This can help reduce the frequency of linen changes and improve overall comfort.

2. Hydration Stations:

Set up hydration stations throughout the facility to encourage regular water intake. Staying hydrated is crucial for maintaining health and well-being during warmer months.

3. Light and Breathable Fabrics:

Use light and breathable fabrics for bed linens and clothing to help keep residents and patients cool. Cotton and linen are excellent choices for summer.

4. Regular Laundry Cycles:

 Increase the frequency of laundry cycles to ensure a constant supply of fresh linens. This helps in maintaining hygiene and comfort for everyone in the facility.


Preparing your laundry operations for the warmer months is essential for maintaining the efficiency of your facility and the comfort of your residents and patients. By addressing common pain points and implementing the solutions provided by Wolf Laundry, care homes and hospitals can ensure a smooth and hygienic laundry process all summer long. 

Don’t let the heat disrupt your operations – let Wolf Laundry keep your equipment running at its best so you can focus on providing excellent care.

For more information on our AdvancedCare maintenance package and other services, contact us today.