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The Care Show ’23: A Howling Success

October 16, 2023 / Wolf News / Care Home News

Last week we were thrilled to return to The Care Show, held at Birmingham NEC, where the team proudly presented an array of cutting-edge laundry solutions and provided attendees with a captivating virtual tour of the laundry in our care home, The Howling Pines.

Virtual Laundry:

Our virtual tour of The Howling Pines was a standout feature of The Care Show ’23. It offered attendees an immersive, interactive experience that allowed them to explore the laundry facilities in the context of a care home. This unique showcase demonstrated our dedication to understanding and meeting the specific needs of our clients in the healthcare sector.

Wolf Laundry's virtual Care Home at The Care Show
Wolf Laundry’s virtual Care Home at The Care Show

Schulthess Products:

Wolf Laundry took the opportunity at to showcase our range of Schulthess products. From the compact StarLine commercial washing machine to large-scale D200 commercial tumble dryer and even a rotary iron, we displayed a comprehensive lineup of solutions. This diversity in our product range reflects our commitment to accommodating clients of various sizes and requirements. We also demonstrated how all of these machines can be seamlessly managed through the ServiceMaster connected laundry system, demonstrating the efficiency and convenience of our laundry solutions.

Schulthess Commercial Washing Machines from Wolf Laundry
Schulthess Commercial Washing Machines from Wolf Laundry

Smeg Undercounter Thermal Disinfection Dishwasher:

At the event, we proudly introduced the Smeg undercounter thermal disinfection dishwasher. In healthcare settings, hygiene is paramount, and this new addition to our product portfolio offers an effective solution to maintain the highest standards of cleanliness and safety. Live demonstrations showcased the capabilities of this dishwasher, making it a highlight of the event.

Smeg Professional Dishwashers from Wolf Laundry
Smeg Professional Dishwashers from Wolf Laundry

Flow Range of Commercial Detergents:

No laundry operation is complete without the right detergents, and we showcased our expertise in this area. We presented our Flow range of commercial detergents with meticulous attention to detail. Attendees received valuable information about our detergent products and how they can be tailored to specific laundry needs.

Flow Commercial Laundry Detergents from Wolf Laundry
Flow Commercial Laundry Detergents from Wolf Laundry

Interactive Activities:

We also brought an element of fun and engagement to The Care Show ’23. Our prize wheel and the Wolf prize grabber added excitement to the event. Attendees had the chance to win a variety of goodies, including keyrings, pens, lip balms, coasters, goody bags, sweets, chocolates, and vouchers. Our prize corner attracted a crowd and lots of delegates walked away with Wolf goodies!

Win With Wolf - prize corner
Win With Wolf – prize corner

In conclusion, The Care Show ’23 was another fantastic event. We loved meeting so many of you and we look forward to developing those relationships further.

Here’s to 2024!