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Care Homes: Minimise Stains and Odours This Summer

June 19, 2024 / Wolf News / Care Home News

As temperatures rise, managing sweat stains and odours in care homes becomes increasingly crucial for maintaining a clean and comfortable environment. From bedding that can become musty to clothing that needs to feel fresh against sensitive skin, maintaining a clean environment is essential for promoting health and dignity among residents.

More Crucial in Summer

Ensuring fabrics are effectively deodorised is crucial, particularly during warmer months. In smaller care homes, strong odours can quickly permeate compact spaces, creating a negative environment for both guests and residents alike. Improperly deodorised fabrics not only contribute to unpleasant smells but can also lead to stubborn stains that are more challenging to remove, further compromising cleanliness and comfort.

Our Laundry Boost effectively eliminates odours from fabrics and efficiently removes sweat stains, guaranteeing that your garments remain fresh and clean.

Our Hydrogen Peroxide is the ultimate solution for tackling tough stains. It not only excels in removing stubborn stains but also preserves the brightness and freshness of your fabrics, keeping them looking like new.

Balancing Increased Demand

It’s no secret that summer also brings in a higher demand in the laundry room with residents often requiring faster turnaround times for their laundry; leading to increased machine usage and climbing costs. Investing in energy efficient commercial laundry appliances can target all these issues in one. Handle large loads in less time with fast wash cycles, all while keeping costs down.

The Proline W-Series washers incorporate advanced technology to maximise energy efficiency, featuring amenities such as hot water connections and high-speed washing capabilities that ensure thorough cleaning while minimising energy usage. Similarly, Proline series dryers utilise advanced airflow systems and precise drying programs to achieve optimal drying performance with minimal energy consumption. These efficiencies lead to significant cost savings on utility bills and contribute to a reduced environmental impact, aligning perfectly with sustainability objectives in commercial settings.

The best part? The Schulthess Proline Washer also boasts thermal disinfection cycles. Allowing you to meet high hygiene standards while staying energy efficient.

Our commitment to quality, efficiency, and sustainability means you can trust us to deliver reliable laundry solutions tailored to your needs.

For care homes looking to enhance their laundry management this summer and beyond, Wolf Laundry provides the expertise and reliability you can depend on. 

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