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Managing the Summer Surge: Increased Laundry Demands in Hospitality

July 3, 2024 / Hospitality

With the arrival of warmer weather, the hospitality sector enters its busiest period of the year. The influx of guests not only boosts occupancy rates but also significantly increases demands across various operations, particularly in the laundry room and kitchen. Effectively managing this summer surge is essential for maintaining seamless operations and high standards of cleanliness.

The Season of Upgrades

Efficient operations stem from efficient appliances. Modern, high-capacity commercial equipment can streamline processes and help businesses keep up with increased demand.

Optimising Laundry Operations:

During peak seasons, having reliable and high-capacity laundry machines is crucial. Compact options with stackable features, such as our Schulthess Topline Range, can save space while still handling large loads efficiently. For larger establishments, machines like the Schulthess Proline W-series with programmable wash cycles, automatic load detection, and precise water and energy controls ensure optimal efficiency and sustainability. Durable construction and user-friendly interfaces also simplify operation and reduce the need for frequent maintenance and staff training.

Enhancing Kitchen Efficiency:

In the kitchen, modern dishwashers designed for commercial use can handle high volumes of dishware quickly and effectively. Take the Smeg SPD512SUK Undercounter Dishwasher. With its advanced washing and drying cycles, it ensures thorough cleaning, while durable construction guarantees longevity even with frequent use. An intuitive control panel makes operation straightforward, reducing the need for extensive staff training and minimising downtime.

Short-Term Strategies

To address the immediate challenges of the summer surge, businesses can adopt several short-term strategies:

1. Seasonal Staffing: Hiring temporary staff to manage the increased workload can help maintain service levels. Providing adequate training ensures that seasonal workers are prepared to perform efficiently alongside your regular team.

2. Efficient Workflow: Implementing a streamlined workflow for sorting, washing, drying, and folding can prevent bottlenecks and keep the process organised. This approach helps manage large volumes of laundry and dishware more effectively.

3. Advanced Scheduling: Utilising scheduling systems to distribute the workload evenly throughout the day can prevent equipment from becoming overwhelmed during peak hours. Automated systems can assist in managing this process.

4. Smart Monitoring: Employing smart monitoring systems allows businesses to track machine performance in real-time and detect potential issues before they escalate. This proactive approach helps maintain uninterrupted operations and reduces downtime.

Learn about our smart monitoring system, ServiceMaster.

By adopting these strategies and leveraging modern equipment, businesses can effectively manage the increased demands of the summer season, ensuring smooth operations and high standards of cleanliness and efficiency.