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Infection Control Grants Blog Header Image 2
March 6, 2023 / Care Home News / Wolf News

Key government assistance ends this month!

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Joint Managing Director of Wolf Laundry
March 2, 2023 / Wolf News / Media Coverage

Wolf Ranked No1 on National Social Housing Framework!

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Wolf Laundry free resources for care homes
February 27, 2023 / Media Coverage

Care Home Environment Backs Our Cause

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Energy saving in care home
February 25, 2023 / Care Home News

Energy Saving Tips For Care Home Managers

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Laundry equipment for caravan parks
February 23, 2023 / Hospitality

Creating a Holistic Guest Experience at Your Caravan or Holiday Park

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FM Business Daily Covers Care Home Help
February 20, 2023 / Media Coverage

FM Business Daily Site Covers Care Home Help from Wolf

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CapEx Budget
February 20, 2023 / Wolf News / Care Home News / Hospital News

Don’t Let Your CapEx Go to Waste: Use It for Commercial Laundry Equipment

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Recycled cardboard box
February 17, 2023 / Wolf News

Why Wolf’s Packaging May Not Be Perfect

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Year end means use or lose for NHS budgets
February 10, 2023 / Hospital News

Budgeting for the NHS: How to Make the Most of Your Year-End Budget

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Commercial Washing Machines in Care Homes
January 17, 2023 / Care Home News

The Importance of Commercial Washing Machines in Care Homes

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Ways to make commercial laundry more environmentally friendly
December 7, 2022 / Wolf News

How to make commercial laundry more eco-friendly

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Commercial washing machines from Wolf Laundry
November 30, 2022 / Wolf News

Benefits of industrial washing machines

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