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Painless Peak Season, with Wolf Laundry

May 20, 2024 / Wolf News / Hospitality

As summer approaches, the hospitality sector braces for an influx of guests seeking memorable getaways. Recent trends show a significant rise in staycations, with more people opting for local travel over international trips. 

For hotels, spas, caravan parks, and holiday parks, this translates into a bustling peak season with heightened demand for impeccable service and seamless operations

Here’s a closer look into common issues you may face and how we can help:

1. Increased Volume of Laundry

The warmer weather encourages longer stays and frequent use of facilities, resulting in a higher volume of laundry, including linens, towels, and spa robes. This surge can strain existing laundry operations, leading to bottlenecks and delays. 

Choosing high-capacity machines that can handle larger loads more efficiently, will result in a significant improvement in managing the increased laundry demands. The Schulthess Proline W-Series machines are designed to process large volumes quickly and effectively, reducing cycle times and minimising the risk of bottlenecks.

Additionally, implementing a streamlined laundry/cleaning schedule can help manage the increased volume without compromising quality – download our free one today!

2. Quick Turnaround Requirements

Guests often expect quick room turnovers and immediate availability of clean linens and towels. The demand for rapid laundry turnaround times can be challenging to meet, especially during peak occupancy.

The ADC i-Series Dryers boast fast drying cycles that ensure your linens and towels are ready for use in record time, helping you meet the high expectations of your guests. These dryers are engineered with advanced airflow technology and precise temperature controls, which not only speed up the drying process but also maintain the integrity and softness of fabrics.

Ensuring regular maintenance to avoid breakdowns can also significantly reduce turnaround times. Discover our VitalCare service solution, a comprehensive package that goes above and beyond to ensure your equipment not only meets but exceeds regulatory requirements.

3. Diverse Fabric Types

The spring and summer seasons see a variety of fabrics in use, from heavy-duty pool towels to delicate bed linens. Different fabrics require specific washing and drying settings to maintain their quality, adding complexity to laundry operations.

Our diverse range of machines offer customisable settings to accommodate various fabric types, ensuring each item is cleaned appropriately without damage. 

4. Energy and Water Consumption

Higher laundry loads during peak seasons can lead to increased energy and water consumption, raising operational costs and impacting sustainability goals.

Discover our smart laundry solution, serviceMaster. ServiceMaster gives you a total overview of your laundry operations ensuring a smoother process than ever before.

The consumption dashboard allows you to filter and compare machine water and electrical consumption and generate reports over any time frame. See clearly where you can save on costs throughout your operations.

5. Seasonal Allergens

Spring and summer bring an increase in allergens such as pollen, which can cling to linens and upholstery, potentially causing discomfort for guests with allergies.

The Schulthess Topline Range boasts Antibac programmes that target allergens effectively with extended rinse periods and extra cool air phases.

Addressing the bustling peak season with the right strategies and equipment can ensure smooth laundry operations month after month. 

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