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Whitby Court Care Home

October 9, 2023 / Case Study / Healthcare

Whitby Court Care Home, part of the Fisher Care Group, provides high quality nursing care to residents aged 55 and over. With a focus on comfort and versatility, the care home accommodates individuals with various nursing requirements, including elderly care, physical disabilities, and sensory impairments. Offering 51 single rooms with ensuites, purpose-built Whitby Court had outgrown its existing laundry facilities and needed a reliable laundry solution to meet their daily laundry needs efficiently.

Whitby Court Care Home required a laundry system capable of handling a kilo of laundry per day for each of their diverse group of 51 residents. Their previous laundry equipment, a smaller Ipso 13kg machine, was unable to meet their growing capacity demands. They sought a new solution that not only provided increased capacity but also improved efficiency and energy saving features.

Whitby Court Care Home Employee using the commercial laundry equipment.
Whitby Court Care Home’s new commercial laundry equipment in action

Wolf Laundry proposed a comprehensive solution for Whitby Court Care Home’s laundry needs. We installed two 16kg Schulthess ProLine commercial washing machines, two Schulthess dryers, and a large iron for flatwork. Thorough site visits were conducted to understand the care home’s layout and requirements, enabling a professional installation process that seamlessly integrated the new equipment into the existing laundry setup. This new set up offers increased efficiency not only in terms of speed of laundry processing but also in energy and water consumption. Furthermore, our team removed and disposed of the old equipment, saving Whitby Court Care Home from the hassle of dealing with equipment disposal themselves.

The inside of a laundry machine drum, looking out at an employee
Commercial Laundry Equipment for Whitby Court Care Home

To ensure ongoing support, Wolf Laundry offered a OneCare contract that covers the servicing, maintenance, and repairs of the laundry equipment over 7 years.

I was pleased with the professionalism and dedication of the sales and installation teams. The quick and tidy installation process was well planned and executed without any issues. Throughout the entire project, the team maintained regular and clear communication, managing the existing contract smoothly and ensuring a seamless transition to the new equipment. The comprehensive support from Wolf Laundry, from initial discussions to installation, demonstrated their commitment to customer satisfaction.

Sam Taylor-Rose, Manager of Whitby Court Care Home