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Darren Scholefield 

Head of Internal Ops

Tell us a bit more about your role?

I’m responsible for day to day management of our customer service, scheduling, installs and parts teams. 

Any professional qualifications?


Why do you like your job? And Wolf?

I like the pace, the problems and the autonomy allowed to make things better. Nicest place I have worked and everybody here buys into our ethos. 

Before Wolf?

Puma UK 12 years Replica Kit Support Manager. JLA 12 years (various roles, Install Manager, Scheduling Manager) Prism Medical 3 years Operations Manager 

How would you describe your career in three words?

Lucky, rewarding, stressful 

Tell us more about yourself:

I’m a dad of 2 kids and 1 dog! I enjoy hiking, reading and watching my team, Huddersfield Town. 

What’s your passion? Love music, love gigs! 

Give a lesser known fact about yourself?

I am only 26!