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Paddy Colhoun  

Warehousing & Workshop Manager

A bit about your role? 

I oversee all technical and engineering issues

Any professional qualifications?  

City in Guilds in Mechanical Engineering (Apprentice trained), Commercial Gas Safe in Laundry

Why do you like your job? And Wolf? 

I enjoy resolving issues and investigating problems / fault finding. I enjoy working at Wolf because Dan and Josh have created a relaxed working atmosphere which enables me to freely do my job and together with my current colleagues help push the company forward.

Before Wolf?

Service Manager (Byworth Boilers) Service Engineer (Mag Laundry)  Senior Service Engineer (Bespoke Engineering Services)

How would you describe your career in three words?     

Busy, Interesting, Rewarding

What professional accomplishment are you most proud of?    

I would say when I travelled to Rotterdam to repair a drilling platform on an oil rig I had never seen or used and was given 14 days to resolve the issue but I completed and resolved the issue in 3 days, and the oil rig was able to sail off into the sunset ahead of schedule.

What is your favourite / funniest memory from your career so far? I remember working on a cherry picker one winter with another engineer on the Foss Flood Barrier in York, we were both wearing full face black wool balaclavas as it was minus 10 degrees and we were quickly mistaken for the SAS and caused a few hotel guests to panic and all the managers came out to see what was happening.

Tell us more about you: What do you like to do in your free time?  I live with my partner and best mate Caz of almost 20 years (Poor Lass) who is amazing at making homemade chocolates and together we have a 15 year old son Daniel who is amazing at football and is into body building, he is also quite annoying at times. I have two other children ages 21 (Luke) and 22 (George).My eldest son George in a Lance corporal in R.E.M.E in the army, where he has been for 5 years. Luke is currently in the process of becoming a PE teacher. I enjoy riding my motorbike, watching F1 and Motor GP and anything with an engine. I enjoy mountain biking and running.

What’s your passion?  I follow F1 and Motor GP. And love to tinker about fixing things.

Give a lesser known fact about yourself?   I am an FA qualified football coach for Junior Football where my sons has played for 11 years.  I also enjoy playing the guitar but rarely get the time.  I have 5 guitars.